The solution of Medical Blister Recycling



Blister pack is a term for several types of pre-formed plastic packaging used for small consumer goods, foods, and for pharmaceuticals.The primary component of a blister pack is a cavity or pocket made from a formable web, usually a thermoformed plastic. This usually has a backing of paperboard or a lidding seal of aluminum foil or plastic. A blister that folds onto itself is often called a clamshell.

Blister packs are useful for protecting products against external factors, such as humidity and contamination for extended periods of time. Opaque blisters also protect light-sensitive products against UV rays.

Blister is a type of packaging material that consists of PVC film and Aluminum foil.Blisters are frequently used for the packaging material of many things for example:drags,foods,toys and so on.They bring a lot of conveniences to our common life.At the same time,it will produce a lot of wastes.And it will produce large amounts of waste and air pollution if we use the original disposal method of garbage.So how can we turn “waste” into wealth.The new type of environmental equipment can be used to decomposition and recovery the blisters and do not pollute the environment.

【Main sources】

The medical waste of Hospitals&Clinics,the leftover materials of pharmaceutical factories/the other factories,and the classification of waste recycling stations are the main sources of waste blisters.

【Final products】

By using our medical blister recycling machine,we can get the final products as aluminum powder and PVC powder.

【Usages of final products】

1)The usages of Aluminum powders:
①The aluminum powder is the main ingredient of fireworks.So the recycling aluminum powder can be supplied to the firework factories.
②The aluminum powder is the additive of oil paints.By adding the aluminum powder to the paints ,it can present silver. So the recycling aluminum powder can be supplied to the paint factories.
③The aluminum powder can be used as the additive of blowing promotor/foaming agent,etc.
④The aluminum powder can be sent to the aluminum factories,through smelting the aluminum powder can be made to the high purity aluminum ingots.

2)The usages of PVC powders:
①The recycling final products PVC powders can be used to make the wire insulation layer.In this way,It can reduce the manufacturing cost of the products.
②With the development of science and technology,we can use the PVC powders to make the PVC pipes and PVC panels.

【Raw Material】

raw material

【Finial Products】

finial material

finial material2