ChongQing 1000kg/h PCB recycling assembly line

 The PCB(Printed circuit board) recycling equipment is established in 2014

Raw material:Many kinds of PCB(Printed circuit board)


ChongQing is a municipality of our country.It is a very beautiful city.The traditional processing method of PCB always make pollution to the environment.The city needs to develop but not pollute the environment.In order to recycle the waste and make sure it do not pollute the environment.The PCB is the classification of waste.The customer in ChongQing has rich source of raw materials.In 2014,we manufacture the PCB recycling equipment for our consumer in ChongQing.

The customer first know us from the Internet such as , the early,by communicating with our sales manager through the telephone and communicate on the Internet,our sales manager introduce our company and put forward the reasonable solution by combining with the asmatteroffact of the consumer.We know our customer has the stable source of raw materials .After the technical communication,we warmly invited him to our company in Gongyi city of Henan province,we showed them the working process of the PCB equipment and had deeply communication about the project. Finally we signed the contract by many rounds of talks. We provide complete installation, commissioning and after-sales service to our customer.Few months later,the production line start to run after no machine defects showed up during the acceptance tests.