Plastic Pulverizer

【General description】

This machine is suitable for recycling all kinds of thermoplastic plastics, like PP, PE, PVC,PET,EVA,ABS etc.

【Advantages of plastic pulverizer】

1.This type can grind all kinds Hard & Soft materials into 10-80 mesh powders in room temperature

2.A widely use range, PVC/PE/PP/ABS/PS/PA/PC Materials

3.This machine has a much higher output, 2 or 3 times than normal miller, equip with dust collector. An ideal energy saving machine in plastic industries

4.This miller includes automatic main engine, fan ,cyclone feeder, automatic circular vibrating screen, high-efficiency dust collector system.

5.The grade of the blade is 12CrMoV which makes the blade durable and can be worked continuously.

6.Blades can be easily adjusted, maintained and replaced.

7.Main shaft adopted SKF, matched with imported oil pump, can be used about 3 years in normal usage.

【Technical specification of plastic crusher:】

Model SG-400 SG-500 SG-600 SG-800
Diameter(mm) 393±1 493±1 593±1 793±1
Main(kw) 22 37 45 75
Weight(kg) 1580 2280 2680 3280
Dimensions(mm) 2800×2600×3700 3000×2800×3900 3200×3000×4200 4000×3500×4500
Capacity(kg) 50-150 120-280 160-480 280-880

【Process flow diagram】

Process flow diagram1 Process flow diagram2