Plastic crusher

【General Introduction】

1. SG-PS series crusher is suitable for recycle and restore of conventional sheets, tube plastics, profiles, packing plastics, extrusion mold products and runners;

2. General operation adopted with airtight sealed bearing to allow long hours rotation; well designed cutter blades, to ensure the balance of pellets sizes after crushed; cutter base with special heat treatments, elegant in appearance.

3.SG-PS series are easy to operate and simple to replace blades.Spacious flat blade is suitable to granulate bulky and thin plastics and increases efficiency;Installed with electrical safety devices;Double wall hopper with sound – proof material.Motor is equipped with overload protector and power protection devices .Safety and environmental friendly,with low electricity

【Suitable Material】

1. PET bottle, drink bottle label, bottle cap;

2. PE film, agricultural film, bag, PE pipe, water pipe, drainage pipe;

3. PP woven bag, PP water drum, PP cup, PP film, sheet, pallet, basket

4. LDPE, HDPE film, sheet, flake, lump, board;

5. PVC pipe, profile, window frame, door frame, soft PVC door curtain;

6. Wood plastic window, door;

7. PC, ABS water drum, LOCK and LOCK crisper;

8. Rubber tyre, rubber, plastic material from injection mold;

9. TV shell, keyboard, mouse, TV remote controller, toys, torch, plastic helmet, file folder, brochure shelf, canvas, coat hanger, bumper bar, gas tank;

10. Fiber, coconut fiber, jute fiber;

11. Nylon;

12. Non-woven fabric;

13. Leather, artificial leather, leather shoes, leather clothes, leather hand bags.

【Technical specification of plastic crusher:】

Model SG-PS150 SG-PS250 SG-PS380 SG-PS480 SG-PS500 SG-PS700 SG-PS790
Crushing chamber(mm) 150x160 250x200 380x240 480x290 504x320 700x480 790x550
Crushing ability(kg/h) 50-80 100-200 200-300 300-350 300-400 450-600 600-800
Stationary cutter 2 2 2 2 2 2 4
Rotary cutter 9 12 18 21 21 27 27
Dimensions(L*M*H/CM) 61x48x104 94x62x109 122x84x129 143x91x155 162x107x177 215x143x220 205x171x290
Net weight(kg) 132 290 516 850 900 1800 3000
Power(kw) 2.2 4 7.5 11 15 22/30 37/45
Power(hp) 3 5 10 15 20 30/40 50/60

【Process flow diagram】

Process flow diagram1 Process flow diagram2