Lithium battery recycle plant

Our waste lithium battery recycle plant adopts a process route that makes raw materials such as Lithium battery to be a mixture of metal and non-metal powder by specialized pulverizer and then separates the aluminum / copper powder and graphite/lithium cobalt oxide powder by Circular screen and Vibrating screen.To avoid dust pollution in the process,we already add some air cleaning equipments for the solution of the problem of dust pollution with every index up to the national standard.

【Raw material】: Lithium battery,Car lithium battery, Cellphone lithium battery,etc.
【Capacity】: 400kg/h;

Product Application

The main materials of lithium battery are aluminum foil and copper film.The copper foil is consist of copper powder and graphite,and the aluminum film is consist of aluminum powder and lithium cobalt oxides.By using our lithium battery recycling line ,we can resolve the lithium battery as copper powder,aluminum powder,graphite and lithium cobalt oxides.They all can be efficient used.