Eddy current separator equipment

【Fitting Scope】

Series SG Eddy current separator is mainly used for drawing back non-ferrous metal.Typical material is:wasted copper,aluminum,cable,aluminum stuff,wasted auto spare part,dross for printing,broken glass contain non-ferrous,electronic wastes ,etc.

【Main Characteristics】

Drum eddy current separator is based on two essential physical phenomena:1. There is always a transfer electric field occurred with a transfer magnetism .Therefore the electric-conduct material is exposed on cross field generating by the conductor excludes the conductor to get it out from the material.

SG series vortex electric separator has the high efficiency,stable working structure ,light frame,high adaptability ,great processing capability characteristics.It is used widely in the environmental-protection area,especially in the non-ferrous recycle field.

【Process Flow Diagram】

Process flow diagram1 Process flow diagram2