The introduction of Shuguang fog cannon

With the development of urbanization and industrialization,the pollution of air is more and more serious.
Dust pollution occupies a large proportion in the urban air pollution, especially the heavy industry city.The dust pollution has become the serious pollution of the city.The dust and PM2.5 in the air are seriously threat the environment and the human health.Use the gravity method to remove the dust particles in the cities and factories.The artificial fog can control the dust in the air,and increase the air humidity.To create a healthy living environment and the clear air.Gongyi Shuguang Machinery factory is specialized in waste recycling equipment.Our main products include e-waste recycling machine, precious metals refining equipment, copper wire/cable recycling machine, aluminum plastic composite products recycling machine,fog cannon.Use the advanced technology and domestic and international experience design the SG fog cannon.
The features of fog cannon:
1.Strong wind, long range, wide coverage, high efficiency, easy to operate.
2.Controlling by the remote control.
3.There are a variety of spray patterns.
4.It can use 380 v voltage, fixed installation, It can be used with the diesel generators.
The scope of fog cannon:
1.Select coal fields, mining areas, coal yards, port coal fields, power plants, steel mills.
2.The demolition site, water conservancy dam, highway bridge.
3.Disinfection and epidemic disease after natural disasters.