What is the Safety Operation Regulation of the aluminum plastic grinder

 Before start up the grinder,must go for a regular inspection to check wether the inspection door is closed firmly or not,check the connection point is fasten or not,check the mechanical drive unit is normal or not.Then start up the grinder according to the following sequence.


1st Start up the raw material feeding belt conveyor or feed the cursher by manual

2nd Start up the crusher

3rd Start up the crew conveyor and close output of the grinder feeder

4th Start up the fan then start up the rotary feeder and the vibration screen

5th Start up the grinder and wait for it works properly then open the grinder feeder


Shutdown sequence

1st Stop feeding the raw material to the crusher after crushing all the remained material then shutdown the crusher

2nd Shutdown the grinder till it grinds all the remained material

3rd Shutdown the fan till there is no material remained in the cyclone feeder

4th Shutdown the rotary feeder

5th Shutdown the vibration screen

6th Shutdown the fan

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