What is the attention of the aluminum plastic grinder used(Ⅱ)

 To undertake the article <What is the attention of the aluminum plastic grinder used()>

1) No change the different size bell wheel.High rotation speed may cause the boom and the low rotation will reduce the working performance.

2) During the working,if there is any unusual phenomenon cut off the power immediately then find the cause and fix it.Raw material must not mix with metal granules or rock.

3) Monitor the working condition of the grinder all the time.Material should be fed evenly to avoid the material block,no long time overloading work.If there is any unusual phenomenon like shaking,noise,high bearing box and grinder temperature, material-spraying or no output,etc.Cut off the power immediately ,find the cause and fix it then restart working.

4) When the material get blocked,cut off the power immediately and wait for the machine to stop rotating then go for next step.No using rod or by hands to pull out the unprocessed material before the machine stops running.

5) Wearing glasses when process the hard material.

6) Workshop should be equipped with the ventilation device.No fire in the workshop.

7) All the mechanical drive unit should refill the lube regularly.No allowing running the machine without dude.

8) Electric control part needs the professional to regularly check.

9) Make the detailed record for each maintenance.