What is the attention of the aluminum plastic grinder used(Ⅰ)

    The aluminum plastic grinder is mainly used for recycling scrap plastic products and aluminum plastic composite products.now it can process medical blister,aluminum foil,ACP,etc.

 Please read below information before use

1) When the machine is running, carry the raw material with bare hands(no wearing gloves,rings,bracelet,etc.) to feed the machine ,no allowing the hands cross the safety line and no allowing use iron rod to replace the hands.

2) Grinder and the power unit must be installed firmly.If the grinder is required to a long time fixed work,it should be fixed on the concrete ground.The whole unit needs a reliable grounding solution and all the cables should meet the national standard.

3) After installing the grinder,inspect all the connection points, if there is any loose condition fasten the loose parts in time .Inspect the belt tightness and make some adjustments.Check the rotary direction of each mechanical drive unit.

4) Before testing the grinder,manually rotate the motor wheel to check the flexibility of mechanical drive unit.Check if there is any friction phenomena between the rotary blades and the fixed blades.Check whether the bearing box is filled with lube or not.