Insulation board of the electrostatic separator

Maintenance of the medical blister recycling plant
-Maintenance of the electrostatic separator
-How to maintain the insulation boards
After a period of production there will be some small issues appear and effect the performance of the plant.
We will write a serial of solutions to help customers to maintain our plant.
Part one 
How to maintain the insulation boards
The material of the insulation board is epoxy resin and according to the residence of the voltage it can be classified to 5kv,10kv,20kv,25kv,35kv.
The insulation board we are using is 25kv type due to the highest output voltage of the transformer is 20-25kv.
During the production of blister recycling ,the some particular aluminum powder will get into the gap of the insulation board then effect the residence value of the board.
After a period of time ,the electrostatic filed between the net and roller will become unstable and when it become worse the board will get burnt.
Another situation
When the climate of the customer site enter the rainy season the air humidity raise.The moisture will also get into the board then effect the residence value of the board.
1st After get the new insulation boards ,dry it first then mop the board with insulation paint then dry it again.
2nd Use plastic cloth or insulation tape to cover the cut of the board.
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