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aluminum plastic separation line

Aluminum plastic separation line

As we all know, aluminum plastic composite products including aluminum foil,tooth paste tube,aluminum plastic composite panel, medical blister...


Copper wire recycling machine

opper Wire Granulator(which is also called scrap electric wire and cable recycling equipment) is used for recycling scrap copper wire...


Eddy current separator equipment

Series SG Eddy current separator is mainly used for drawing back non-ferrous metal.Typical material is:wasted copper,aluminum,cable,aluminum stuff...


Plastic crusher

General operation adopted with airtight sealed bearing to allow long hours rotation; well designed cutter blades, to ensure the balance of pellets sizes after crushed; cutter base with special...


Plastic Pulverizer

This machine is suitable for recycling all kinds of thermoplastic plastics, like PP, PE, PVC,PET,EVA,ABS etc.This type can grind all kinds Hard & Soft materials into 10-80 mesh powders in room temperature...


Electrostatic separator

High voltage electrostatic separator adopt physical high voltage separating tech to separate conductive material from non-conductive material.It’s mainly used for waste printed circuit boards, kinds of...

lithium battery recycle plant

Lithium battery recycle plant

Our waste lithium battery recycle plant adopts a process route that makes raw materials such as Lithium battery to be a mixture of metal and non-metal powder by specialized pulverizer and then separates...

PCB waste recycle plant

PCB waste recycle plant

Our PCB waste recycle plant adopts a process route that makes raw materials such as PCB waste (printed circuit boards) to be a mixture of metal and resin fiber powder by dry crushing and pulverization...

Recent Projects

Anhui Fuyang

Fuyang city, Anhui Province 500kg/h PCB recycling machine

Raw material:PCB(Printed circuit board)
Fuyang is in Anhui province.The city develop rapidly in these years...


Bangalore 200kg/h Medical blister recycling machine

Raw material:waste medical blister
The science and technology in India has a rapid development. There are many Medical blister...


Delhi 600kg/h PCB recycling equipment

Raw material:computer board, motherboard, printed circuit board
With the development of the Internet,and benefit from...


ChongQing 1000kg/h PCB recycling assembly line

Raw material:Many kinds of PCB(Printed circuit board)
ChongQing is a municipality of our country...

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Shuguang is a technology company specialized in waste recycling equipment. With professional solution of “Tech,Product, Service”, we have supplied more than 1000 sets of waste related recycling machines during the past 25 years both dometic and overseas...

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